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Bikesafe in London

Improving my driving style thanks to advice from the British police

Bikesafe in London
28 May 2015

Hey, biker friends, how's life? Do you have any trips planned for this summer?

Today I spent the day with some bikers from the Metropolitan Police in London, who organize a motorcycle safety course called Bikesafe.

First, we had a theoretical session, in which they explained to us, with videos and examples on a blackboard, the most common accidents (when a car does not see you and crosses in front of you).

Then we went for lunch at Franky & Benny's with the motorcycles (food included). A short ride. Each instructor was assigned two riders, who took turns to ride at the head of the group. In this way, the instructor could observe the riding style of the leading rider.

After lunch, we went through the roads of Essex (region east of London) with many curves. It was an hour and a half ride with quite a lot of speed changes and interesting "lay downs" in the curves.

To finish, we went back to Jack Lilley's Triumph dealer where we had had the theory class. There they gave us a pack with some goodies (including a book on advanced motorcycle riding) and told us how we had done during the day.

In short, it was a great experience that I recommend to all bikers living in the UK.

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