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An idea for a geeky project

The computerized house. A dashboard with weather and task information in the mirror at the entrance

An idea for a geeky project
24 January 2009

These days I am thinking of a project that I would be quite excited to make it work well. The idea would be to put a 20-30 inch LCD screen embedded, "embedded" :), embedded in the wall of the entrance of a house. To make it look better, we would put a frame on it and it would look like a v2.0 frame.

The objective of this project is to allow home users to access the internet in a very fast, easy and programmable way. For this, the screen would have to be connected to a computer (Server), which can also be used as a media center to save movies, music, and photos and be accessed remotely via VNC (or similar). The server would also be connected to a projector or screen in the living room, in such a way that with the same computer (server) we would have two screens connected (one in the living room and the other at the entrance).

Well, on the entrance screen we could find a summary of the things that we normally want to know when we are going to leave or enter the house, for example, a summary of the weather with a very short-term forecast, a summary of the latest news, latest e-mail messages received, an agenda with upcoming commitments, a list of things to write down so you don't forget, etc.

It just occurred to me that it might be interesting to set up a video call service over the Internet, through a web portal where users can register and can record messages with their webcam for other users, so we could integrate this system into the screen of the entrance of the house to see the video messages that they have left us.

Another interesting feature would be the possibility of installing a camera with a motion sensor that would have the ability to wake up the computer (if it is in "sleep" mode) when the motion sensor detects that we are standing in front of the screen for more than 3 seconds. This would help us save energy when the user is not at home and when he arrives at it, the computer will turn on automatically.

Well, the idea ends here for now… I don't know what you think if it's bullshit or if it could be interesting. I await your comments.

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