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Reasons why I like Japan

Japanese culture is incredibly rich and unique in the world

Reasons why I like Japan
31 March 2009

Many times people ask me why I like Japan and the truth is that I had never stopped to think about all the reasons, so I'm going to write them down now to keep them in mind and give shape to something that is starting to be important in my life...

1º For its fantastic creativity: Manga/anime, its magnificent movies, graphic design (brightly colored and minimalist), ceramics, floral art, architecture, interior design, technology, robotics, electronics, video games, automobiles and bullet trains.

Because of its values: honor, civility, respect for elders, hard work, capacity for sacrifice, and humility. Because there the neighbors plant saplings (bonsais) and flowers in the streets, while here we see how they are filled with dog poop and graffiti. Because they know neither greed nor corruption.

3º For its culture and tradition: kimonos, taking off shoes when entering the house, low tables, tatamis, iron teapots, temples, doors in the middle of lakes, cherry blossoms, paper lamps, umbrellas, sliding doors, wooden clogs, feng-shui, karate and martial arts, samurai, katanas, karaoke,...

4º For its gastronomy: sushi, puffer fish (fugu), eels, rice balls, tea, sake, tofu, and seaweed soups.

5º For its oddities: Tokyo's urban tribes, the lame adaptations of things from other countries, geeks, otakus, cosplay.

6º For its people: how they value silence, their gestures, their way of expressing themselves, and their complex and interesting language.

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