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Small paint job

Introducing a new design for Webmarket's website

Small paint job
13 September 2008

We have been several weeks with changes in the Webmarket servers, something very entertaining... spending the nights together with endearing HTTP and FTP protocols, talking about the DNS policies, trying the new fashion patches,... in short, a whole festival of technologies and other "amenities" for geeks and internet professionals.

Taking advantage of this state of reorganization, we have also started to fix the Webmarket work sample (finally!) and now... we can tell the world... all the links are working! and you can now criticize our humble creations. The background photo is not ours.

As a goal for this year 2008/2009 it would be nice to create an original project worthy of a FWA award. I already have an idea that I really like and that I haven't seen in any interactive media so far. If anyone would like to participate in this project, you can write to me at joan (at) webmarket.es. Any help will be welcome and I hope the reward will be a HUGE one! :)

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