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Samurai Route

Objective achieved

Finally, we made it to Sendai in Japan and completed the samurai route!

Objective achieved
10 October 2010

Better to report late than never... a month and a bit ago, exactly on September 3, 2010, we arrived in Sendai and delivered the gifts from the city council of Coria del Rio to the director of the international relations center of Sendai. We would also like to thank the Sendai Hispanic Society for the reception they gave us and especially Tae Matsuki for his exceptional kindness and the effort he made to make our visit to Sendai an unforgettable gift.

We would also like to deeply thank all the help we received from our sponsors (especially Leonardo from the Nicolas Roerich Museum), the city council of Coria del Rio, the friends of the Japan Association of Coria del Rio (especially Virginio Japan, Juan Francisco Japan and Momo), the Spanish embassy in Japan, the Spanish embassy in Russia, all the Yamaha team in Yekaterinburg (especially Sofia Panova), to Mike and Ruby for their help in Mongolia, to Bob and his wife for their help in Barnaul, to Mami Uchida for her important help as translator, to Paco and his wife for treating us like kings in Nagoya, to Martyn for being a good travel companion and for saving us from getting stranded on numerous occasions and of course we also want to thank all of you who have accompanied us or followed us on Facebook in this adventure and to those who have been concerned about our health.

Thank you very much!

PS. Please visit our Facebook page to read the latest comments on the trip and see the most updated photos.

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