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The best codepens of 2015

A selection of lovely or useful code examples

The best codepens of 2015
9 January 2016

These are the most hearted Pens of 2015. Quite impressive! http://codepen.io/2015/popular/pens/. If you are a front-end developer, I would recommend you set some time aside to review all these examples. They give a real taste of what's trending at the moment and the kind of stuff that the browsers support nowadays.

I can see there is a lot of material design look and feel experiments going on, which confirms the UI design buzz that we've been hearing last year.

Among all these great examples, I especially liked the animated curved content. Mostly because we built something similar (without the animation) for the Dove project and maybe this animation would have looked great on it.

These navigation animations examples are not very impressive but can be quite useful for small websites or microsites:

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