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The dimension of dreams

A few observations on how the trip is going after almost a month on the road

The dimension of dreams
30 June 2010

I owe this entry to the Foo Fighters. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have been in the mood to write anything.

Poor deluded me. I created up to 15 different categories to sort the blog entries by country. A plan full of optimism that, as of today, I can already see is not going to be possible to fulfill. Traveling by motorcycle at the pace we are going is something similar to wanting to see the Louvre museum in 10 minutes. But in reality, this trip is not a vacation, it is not about sightseeing, nor about taking pictures in front of the most representative monuments. This trip has only one goal: to get to Japan.

Today we left Coria del Rio exactly 25 days ago. They have flown by. The road, the bike, the tent, the luggage, the photos, the food, the cleaning, the mechanics. It's the first thing that comes to my mind, it's as if the planning is never finished. At the end of one day, we already have to plan for the next day. It's a never-ending story. Every time I feel like leaving everything in the hands of fate and improvisation.

Europe has been easy, with no adventures, no risks. During these days I have felt almost like watching a movie in my living room. The only thing missing was a popcorn ejaculator embedded in my helmet. Each new country was an "improved" copy of the previous one, but the further north, the more robotic and dumbed down the people are. To the point of not answering "hello" when greeted. No desire to engage in conversation and a chronic sadness on their faces.

Update: traveling in Europe has been easier than I expected. The roads are good, there are plenty of hostels, and campsites and all services work perfectly. The people in Scandinavian countries are not as dry and dumb as I thought. There is a bit of everything, but there is a certain indifference or shyness when it comes to interacting with foreigners.

In any case, who am I to give my opinion so lightly? I'm just a spectator on a motorcycle who from time to time has the chance to share short periods with the people of the country visited. Further north in Germany there is a strong change in the character of the people, drier. There is very little life on the street and it is quite difficult for them to socialize. Can you tell that I am looking forward to leaving Helsinki?

The most important thing when traveling is always to interact with people. Open your heart and mind. Absorbing new points of view and ways of doing things, but what happens when you meet close people who don't want to share anything? They are not traveling like us and they don't have so much need to share their time. That's why God created the Internet ^_^ and told Casey to create CouchSurfing.

Tomorrow we'll know if they finally brought the missing part for Vicente's bike and that's when we'll decide if we'll get on the teleporter to cross to Russian territory. I have the impression that it is going to be a busy July,... another story. We are feeling pretty good physically and mentally, so let's get on with the miles! I can't wait to get to Japan, get into an onsen and collapse with sushi and ramen until it comes out of my ears. Not to mention the ten thousand other things I want to do.

Hopefully, we'll meet some good people along the way. I'm tired of listening to pumpers who keep on talking and their egos are coming out of every orifice of their bodies. Is it so hard to know how to talk well? You just need to know how to listen, be interested and read body language.

Many thanks to all of you who joined us in Europe: Octavio, Tomás, Villahermosa, Juan, Moterus, José (the canary), Maria José, Midland France Team, Fiodor, Pepo, Zarwash, Zoohal, Sio, Arrash, Miikka and Björn.

Greasy hugs to all, people!

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