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The iWeekend event in Alicante has been a success

A great idea to meet professionals from the technology sector in Alicante

The iWeekend event in Alicante has been a success
23 November 2009

Last weekend I participated in the first edition of iWeekend in Alicante and the experience could not have been better. It has been three very intense days, days without rest, from 9 in the morning until midnight, where 50 entrepreneurs have given everything with a single goal: to create a REAL company!

On Friday we started with a "speed networking", where in 45 seconds we had to explain who we were, and what our work is and then change chairs and start all over again. Saying the speech 50 times is exhausting, but fun.

The rest of the day was spent presenting business ideas, voting and finally choosing a winning idea. Some interesting ideas were presented, but nothing really revolutionary or very original. The winner was Oscar del Rio](http://oscardelrio.interacso.com/), with his idea of creating a Web 2.0 style portal to order food at home: yonococino.com.

Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to working to get the company off the ground. We created several groups, basically formed by: programmers (front-end and back-end), graphic designers, marketing team, communication and financial team.

The first two hours were a bit chaotic, but little by little we all assumed our roles in the team and started to work. The atmosphere was great, we all worked together in a big room, with tables full of laptops, water bottles and whiteboards. My contribution was to create the company blog and I am quite happy with the result :)

It has been a great experience, a unique opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, with lots of ideas and a desire to create something good, some with a lot of experience in the world of IT and new technologies. I will not miss the next iWeekend in 6 months.

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