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The monk who sold his Ferrari

A book that is very enjoyable to read and inspiring

The monk who sold his Ferrari
23 September 2008

I am finishing reading this book and I thought it was a good idea to recommend it for you to read. It is an easy read and has inspired me to make some big decisions and start some projects.

This is the story of Julian Mantle, a prominent lawyer who had everything in life (or so he thought). But, one day, after a heart attack that put him on the verge of death, Julian decided to sell all his material possessions and go to India in search of enlightenment.

It was then that he met the Sages of Sivana in a remote community lost in the Himalayas. Julian studied with them for several years and thus obtained what he was looking for: the seven eternal virtues of the enlightened life.

This entertaining story is a source of practical and spiritual wisdom that can be used by anyone, especially managers and professionals.

Here you can download a PDF with a more extensive summary of the book.

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