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Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Brief analysis of Woody Allen's new movie

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
28 September 2008

I just got back from the movies, from watching Woody Allen's latest film and I was a bit disappointed... I was expecting something better.

I missed the genuine sense of humor that his films usually have and a more brilliant performance by Scarlet and Patricia. Bardem was good, and seductive,... although I saw him better in other more dramatic roles. The best for me has been Penelope, who although she enjoys less screen time than her co-stars, does it with such strength and character that she manages to win my attention at all times. Without a doubt, this girl is a goddess, pure Latin beauty, feminine mischief, glamour and elegance.

The story is presented as a tasty dish for most viewers, where more than one is sure to identify with the character of Cristina and Vicky. With Bardem and Penelope, it is more difficult (because of the complexity of their lives), but in any case, the director offers us a cocktail of love affairs with an advertisement of the city of Barcelona that serves no purpose.

An entertaining film, but not very well cared for. A boring soundtrack, dubbing and heavy narration in off and patches to lengthen the footage everywhere. In short, a pity that for once Allen makes a film in Spain, but it does not live up to expectations.

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