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Curriculum Vitae

Last updated on July 2022


A creative Front-end Engineering Manager and individual contributor with a knack for building user-centered apps, usable websites and interactive pieces. Extensive industry experience. From art institutions like Royal Opera House or the Institute of Contemporary Art in London to educational organizations like Grupo Santillana in Madrid to corporations like British Telecom, Vodafone, Unilever, Santander and M&S to tech start-ups like TableCheck in Tokyo.

  • Front-end engineering. 20 years of experience using the latest technologies and workflows
  • Strategic and creative mindset. Ability to see the big picture and constantly generate new ideas for profitable products and services
  • Marketing and Multimedia experience. Worked in top digital agencies and graduated with a degree in multimedia
  • Team management. Led async agile engineering teams across the world in different timezones
  • Project/People management. Hiring, training, processes to increase productivity, code reviews, 1:1s, perf. reviews
  • Results-oriented. Strong focus on problem solving, delivery and meeting deadlines

Life highlights

Core Skills

  • UI/UX & Fast Prototyping Coding
  • TypeScript, React & CSS-in-JS
  • User-centered Apps & Accessibility
  • Design Systems & Documentation
  • Creativity & Analytical Thinking
  • Project & People Management

My interests and abilities are more aligned with the creative tracks (the visual, artistic, interactive and UI/UX side of the front-end work). Although I am also experienced and comfortable with all the other aspects, like dealing with REST/GraphQL APIs, tooling/configuration, testing, performance optimization, etc.

Currently, ReactJS and NodeJS are my preferred tools, but I would also like to learn more about Svelte, WebGL and WebVR ecosystems...


These are some technologies and tools that I have been using in the last few years:


Software engineering


  • UX: Information Architecture, sitemaps, wireframes, mockups, storyboards, target audience/Personas, user testing sessions, clickable prototypes
  • Software: Figma, Photopea, Invision, Sketch, Zeplin, Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, XD, Audition), 3dS Max

Systems administration

Creative Technologies

Work Experience

Global Front-end Engineering Manager

Mar 2020 - NowTableCheckGinza, Tokyo (Japan)

  • Currently leading TableCheck's front-end team, consisting of 9 engineers of all levels working across two different time zones.

  • Supervising and participating as an IC in the design system upgrades, the creation of the new booking form, the new global marketing website, the new diner app, the SSO, and the merchant portal.

Senior Frontend Engineer

Feb 2019 - Mar 2020TableCheckGinza, Tokyo (Japan)

  • Successfully led the front-end architecture of insight, TableCheck's data analytics app for the hospitality sector

  • Together with the Head of Data Science and a team of 3 front-end engineers and 3 back-end engineers, we built one of the most advanced analytics suites in the industry for TableCheck's customers like Hilton, IHG Intercontinental, Hyatt, Westin or Okura hotels

  • Managed to bring the product from its initial prototyping stages until its release in August 2019 in 3 languages: Japanese, English and Spanish. Since then, we continued adding new features, and languages and improving its performance

  • The front-end tech stack involved React 16, GraphQL, Apollo, MobX, Flow, Emotion, ReactVis, i18Next, Lokalise, ReactPDF, Lodash, MomentJS, TableCheck's design system and UI component library and other NPM modules

  • CI and code reviews were driven by Gitlab and the back-end involved Amazon AWS, RedShift, Elixir, K8S and other technologies to manage millions of records related to customers' reservations, revenue data, SMS messages, surveys data, etc

Agile Prototyping Analyst

Mar 2016 - Feb 2019Vodafone Global EnterpriseNewbury (UK) & Alicante (Spain)

  • Conceptualized, designed, built, tested and supported web apps (mostly SPAs) for the sales & digital operations of the Vodafone Global Enterprise division. Some of them were intended to aid the sales team with the visualization of the pipeline, revenue and sales forecast, data quality, sales opportunities and other data related to performance. Others were more related to internal comms, problem-solving and HR

  • Worked 95% of the time remotely from different countries and used tools like slack, github and skype to communicate and manage our agile work methodology

  • Collaborated with data scientists, business analysts, back-end developers and designers to improve sales performance & productivity in the organization

  • Successfully led the migration from jQuery/Angular to a React-based architecture for all apps by creating a custom boilerplate with Redux state management, Webpack, JSON API integration, SASS and other modern technologies

  • Helped the rest of the front-end team to embrace the new React architecture

  • Owned the front-end development of 8 prototypes and participated in the development of a few others

  • Led the redesign and development of a new dashboard app with widgets for the main website of the department

  • Identified the need of improving the UI and UX consistency of our apps and led the creation of a UI library (based on React and Styled Components) and a design system based on Vodafone's design guidelines

  • Also worked with VueJS, Webpack, Highcharts, D3, MaterialUI, WebRTC, Express, CircleCI, GhostJS, HoneyBadger, CodeClimate, Jest, React testing library, JSON API, REST, etc

Remote work desk during the summer season
Remote work desk during the summer season

Senior interactive developer

Jul 2013 - Nov 2015SapientNitroSpitalfields, London (UK)

SapientNitro was the number #1 digital agency in the UK at the time of my tenure. It's also a division of Sapient corporation, which belongs to the Publicis group

  • October 2015: worked on a responsive front-end for the insurance quote journey in Travelers. The tech involves lots of vanilla JS, mustache and path.js

  • July - October 2015: co-led the front-end development of Unilever's new global digital platform (building reusable white-label components) and Dove's new website. We were a team of 8 front-end developers, working with a bespoke Node.js & Backbone framework and Adobe Experience Manager as CMS. Aside from web development, I also helped with the management of the dev team, owning the deliverables of the team for a specific track, presenting the progress to the client, preparing prototypes for user testing, and updating the QA team

  • May - July 2015: led a team of developers working on Save the children's Drupal website. The tech stories were based on a technical audit I wrote and presented to the stakeholders with recommendations for the website

  • June - July 2015: lead developer for the creation of microsites for a high street bank pitch and incubation design service. Worked with Handlebars, Assemble.io, a custom static site generator, LESS, Grunt, etc

  • May 2015: (individual work) created an art installation that lets users throw fireworks using their hands. The demo was built with Kinect and OpenFrameworks for a creative technology event in SapientNitro's Spitalfields office. The demo was installed in Eden House's exhibit area:

SapientNitro has lead M&S through quite literally the biggest multi-channel retail re-platform in history with more than 600 SapientNitro people on the project that have worked more than 1.1 million hours!

With co-workers, Owen and Mark during 'frinks' (Friday drinks)
With co-workers, Owen and Mark during 'frinks' (Friday drinks)

Some cool gadgets used in the office
Some cool gadgets used in the office

Creative Technologist

Aug 2012 - Jun 2013WCRSOxford Circus, London (UK)

WCRS belongs to the Engine Group, which was the number #5 digital agency in the UK at the time of my tenure.

During my tenure at WCRS, I worked on these accounts: BMW, MINI, Santander, Sky, Subway, Bupa, Unilever, Warburtons, Royal Navy, Churchill, Artemis and B&Q.

  • Pushed the technical boundaries and created innovative solutions
  • Advised and worked with creative teams on proposals and pitches
  • Built Facebook apps (mainly contests and promotions)
  • Built responsive HTML5 prototypes, microsites, blogs and websites
  • Built internal tools, demos and small games

Some of the technologies used: Zend, C++, OpenFrameworks, OpenNI, Epoc Emotiv, Arduino, Android SDK, AndEngine, JAVA, Titanium SDK, Wordpress, Drupal,3rd party APIs, etc.

Relevant articles written for the WCRS blog

UPDATE: the articles are no longer available on WCRS' blog. Now they are published on the studio blog.

My co-worker, Silvia Rebelo, showing our new Tech Team area
My co-worker, Silvia Rebelo, showing our new Tech Team area

Digital developer

Feb 2011 - Sep 2012Royal Opera HouseCovent Garden, London (UK)

Was honored to be the first hired developer in the history of the Royal Opera House. Joined the newly created development team under the digital media department with a very important objective: to completely rebuild the ROH website from scratch. A business-critical project that required a major overhaul in the ticketing system, server infrastructure, information architecture, user experience, content management and an online shop to match the high standards of the organization.

The development team was small; two full-stack developers, one design manager and a CTO. This scenario allowed me to have wide influence on the application architecture and the overall development of the website.

As a result, the online ticket sales increased to 60% - no more waiting rooms - and all the digital content and user experience improved thanks to the robust framework and work methodology established by the digital media team.

I also developed an app to display the schedule of [the Royal Ballet rehearsals on TV screens

Technologies used (in no particular order): HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP5, MySQL, Apache, Zend Framework, Doctrine ORM, Scrum, Trac, Agile, XSLT, Flickr API, Youtube API, Delicious API, Restaurant Diary API, Facebook API, SoundCloud API, Google+ API, QAS API (UK address validation), Wordpress (including plugin dev.), CDN, SSH, SSL, SQL injection, XSS, Varnish, APC, SOAP, REST, Basecamp, Confluence, Jira, Semantic markup, Domain-driven design, Open Data (XML, JSON, RDF, RSS, ATOM, ICS), Linux (Ubuntu 11), Windows7, Firebug, IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, ODBC, MS SQL Server 2008 (TSQL), Amazon AWS (EC2, SES, IAM, CloudFront, S3,...), Rackspace, Tessitura, IIS, Isapi Rewriter, WinSCP, Tortoise, SVN, Putty, Netbeans, Eclipse,...

Relevant articles

Read the full ROH case study.

With my co-workers, Aaron and Jamie
With my co-workers, Aaron and Jamie

Co-founder, CTO & Web developer

Sep 2006 - Jul 2012Webmarket S.C.Alicante (Spain)

Co-founded a small digital agency specialized in the design and development of multimedia applications and websites based on Adobe Flash (AS2), MdM Zinc, Wordpress and front-end technologies.

Brands we worked for: Estrella Galicia, Santillana, Editex, Philippines government, Grupo Soledad, IBCmass, Cogersa, Digital Toy Shop, IES Miguel Hernández, etc

Some of the bespoke products we created:

  • TiendaFlash: a Flash, AMFPHP & MySQL e-commerce CMS with unlimited products, VISA/Master Card and Paypal integration
  • InmoFlash: a Flash, AMFPHP & MySQL real-state CMS with unlimited properties
  • FinanFlash: a Flash, AMFPHP & MySQL finance CMS with dynamic PDF generator (FPDF)

We also provided web hosting with cPanel/WHMCS and digital marketing services to our clients (mainly SMEs) and collaborated with other freelance designers, developers and agencies in Spain.

Web design teacher

Feb 2009 - May 2009ESUMAAlicante (Spain)

Web design teacher in the Master of Marketing and Advertising at ESUMA

Joomla web designer / developer

Mar 2008 - Sep 2008WebempresaBarcelona (Spain)

Web development and design using Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Joomla CMS, Joomla Components, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Google Apps.

Some of the projects I worked on include: Escuela de cocina Hoffman, Hoyesarte.com, Gimnasio femenino 30 minutos, Aarcs, Altair consultores, Aurall, Aitor Aurrekoetxea, Baldirialeu, Dimas, BGT Musics, Fama Systems, Geograma, Infolimpieza, Lluisa Sallent, Lodisoft, LOPDYA, Segurodelhogar, Torques, Noelia Compte, Trabajos y reformas, Mongrafic, Norma3, NRC Courier, Orbitel, Lexicos traducciones, Agrocesped, ByPerson, Circulo hostelero, Training home,...

Web designer / developer

Sep 2001 - Sep 2006FreelanceMúltiple locations

Freelance web design and development for local SMEs using Frontpage, Photoimpact, Sound Forge, Power Director, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Freehand, Flash, ActionScript 1 and 2, XML, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and PHP-Nuke.

Software Engineer

Sep 2003 - Jul 2005Slater Software Laboratories S.L.Cuzco, Madrid (Spain)

Participated in the development of three desktop applications for real-time TV production, from initial conceptualization to final development (HP business partner). Based on C++, QT, DirectX 9 and other APIs.

Headed the development of the audio and video mixers (major features in these applications) to support high-quality computer media formats, capture cards, cameras, image projection systems and other audiovisual devices.

Solid experience in C++ OO programming, QT 3.2, DirectX 9 (DirectMusic, DirectAudio, DirectShow, DirectInput), ASIO 2.0, analog-digital television production systems, DSP, image projection systems, MS Visual Studio 2003 and Source Safe.

Working experience in DSP (Sound effects, spectrum analyzers, Oscilloscopes, sound editing programming, multi Channel (I/O) audio engines.

IT computer technician

Oct 2001 - Jul 2002PC City Sverige ABAlicante (Spain)

IT support for customers and custom builds of desktop computers

CTO & Network Administrator

Sep 2001 - Nov 2001Times CafeAlicante (Spain)

Designed a technical implementation for a local area network in a cyber coffee shop. Purchased the equipment and software. Installed all the machines and programs. Managed the day-to-day computer rental operations and maintenance.

Junior web designer/developer

May 2001 - Aug 2001Grupo Odessa S.L.San Juan, Alicante (Spain)

Built websites for SMEs using XHTML, CSS, Flash 5, Photoshop and Javascript

Computer technician

Jan 2000 - May 2000BEEPAlicante (Spain)

IT support for customers, retail assistants and custom builds of desktop computers

Computer technician

Oct 1999 - Jan 2000NecomplusAlicante (Spain)

IT support to update the company software installed on the customer's machines to avoid the “Y2K effect”.


BA & Sc in Multimedia, minor in web engineering (4 years)

Oct 2006 - 2017Universitat Oberta de CatalunyaOnline (4 years, 240 ECTS)

Homologated in the EU. Euro-Inf certified. 60 ECTS = 1700 hours

Multimedia foundations, Video, English I, II, Programming, Mathematics I, II, Interactive narrative, Information architecture, Administration and management of organizations, Languages ​​and Web Standards, Graphic Design, Image and visual language, Web Programming, 3D graphics, Physics, Animation, Design of interfaces, Integrating digital content, Networks, Database Design, Interactive Media, Processing and publication of image and video, Audio editing and publishing, Digital composition, Project Management, Market and legislation, Methodology and project development, Creativity and aesthetics, Digital Photography, Advanced Web Programming, Safety and quality in web servers, User Testing, Usability, Virtual Reality, Interaction Design, Content Management Systems, Publication and distribution platforms, Audiovisual documentation, Software Engineering, OO Design and programming, Analysis and design patterns, Entrepreneurship of organizations.

Certificate in professional videogames creation (1 year)

Oct 2002 - Jun 2003Universitat Pompeu FabraBarcelona (Spain)

C++, OpenGL, Direct3D, Quadtree, Octree, PVS, Clipping with LODs, BSPs, Portals, ROAM and 3D Studio SDK, IA (FSM, DFA and FA programming experience. Synchronized IA’s programming using Rules System. Theoretical Knowledge in Boids algorithm and Path Finding A*), Gameplay programming (Coldet), Motion Capture systems, Scripting with LUA, Skeleton animation, Cal3D. Working Knowledge in EAX HD 4.0, BASS, PortAudio and FMOD

HND in Computer Science (2 years)

Oct 1998 - Jun 2000Instituto Mare NostrumAlicante (Spain)

Pascal, Assembler, Cobol, Delphi, SQL (Access), C, OO programming, Linux, Network Management, Business Administration, English language

High School Diploma (3 years)

Oct 1994 - Jun 1997IB Bahía BabelAlicante (Spain)

Additional Education

  • Sep 2018: React Alicante, Spain
  • Jun 2018: Alicante Frontend: agile development in real life
  • Dec 2017: Alicante Frontend: codePen official meetup
  • Sep 2017: Alicante Frontend: an optimal way of loading images on the web
  • Sep 2017: React Alicante, Spain
  • Sep 2017: FullStackFest Barcelona, Spain
  • May 2017: JSDayES Madrid, Spain
  • Feb 2016: HackerRank - 7 Days of JavaScript
  • Feb 2016: Introduction to Meteor.js Development, University of London (Coursera)
  • Feb 2016: Learn and Understand AngularJS (Udemy)
  • Jan 2016: Build Web Apps with React JS and Flux (Udemy)
  • Jan 2016: JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts (Udemy)
  • Oct 2015: FullStack conference, London
  • Oct 2015: Big Data, University of San Diego, California (Coursera)
  • Jul 2015: Harry Roberts (CSSWizardry) workshop
  • Aug 2015: British Airways Open Day 2015
  • Mar 2015: Reasons to be creative. London, Old Street
  • May 2014: jQuery UK 2014, Oxford
  • Apr 2014: Sapient Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Apr 2014: London JS Night Class: CSSFlex
  • Several dates: EmberJS & AngularJS meetups
  • Mar 2014: London JS Night Class: D3.js with Tim Ruffles
  • Mar 2014: London JS Night Class: BackboneJS
  • Mar 2014: Sapient MEP (Negotiating expectations)
  • Feb 2014: White Pencil & Swam. Climate Change President Lecture - Geek Out
  • Feb 2014: jQuery Conference in Oxford. AngularJS workshop with Peter Bacon Darwin
  • Nov 2013: Full Frontal 2013. Debug workshop with Remy Sharp
  • Nov 2009: iWeekend Alicante 2009 (40 hours)
  • Sep 2007: UA, Advanced Flash 8, Web development (8 hours)
  • Nov 2006: Certified Macromedia Flash MX 2004 designer
  • Oct 2003: DeepBlue TV production workshop
  • Feb 2002: Advanced Shaders (cg) programming
  • Mar 2002: Business Management of the videogames industry, ArtFutura Festival - Ubi Soft


  • Aug 2021: 1st position (Grand Prize) in the second TableCheck Hackathon. Issued by TableCheck

  • Jan 2020: 1st position (Grand Prize) in the first TableCheck Hackathon. Issued by TableCheck

  • Feb 2020: 2019 MVP Award to the best team: Data Science. Issued by TableCheck

  • Jun 2018: Top performer. Recognized by my line manager as one of the two awarded top performers in a team with dozens of employees at Vodafone Global Enterprise

  • May 2017: Winner of the Knowledge Management Innovation award. One of the apps that my team and I developed, won this prestigious award in the UK legal industry. eiseverywhere.com legalweek.com

  • Jan 2017: EduTECH Emprèn. My final project was selected and I was granted a course financed by the Catalunya and EU governments for mentoring entrepreneurs and accelerating their eLearning projects

  • Nov 2016: Recognised by my line manager with the innovation award at Vodafone Global Enterprise

  • Feb 2014: the Art Rules project where I was heavily involved in the front-end was shortlisted for a prestigious FWA award

The following are some recognitions from my former co-workers, partners and clients.

Core Value: Creativity Nominator: Marisa Parsons (UX Manager at SapientNitro) Date: 8-Jan-2016

"Joan is a talented developer with creative flair. Working with him is always a pleasure even when there are tight timelines and tricky pages to build. Joan always embraces challenges with a smile on his face and determination to find a solution. Through his experimentation with code, attention to detail and dedication to crafting elegant solutions, he is an invaluable member of any creative team."

Core Value: Creativity Nominator: Owen Cowdry (Senior Developer at SapientNitro) Date: 28-Nov-2015

"Joan is a top-quality developer. This guy has been working with computers and programming for a very long time. He has run his web development and hosting agency. His programming experience spans both front-end to back-end. His love of art and creative thinking drives his passion for creative technology. As if that wasn't enough, he's a lovely chap, very easy to get along with. I would jump at the chance to work with Joan again, and so should you!"

Core Value: Creativity Nominator: Denise Neves Santos (Manager of Interactive Development at SapientNitro) Date: 26-Oct-2015

"Joan is an extremely talented developer and technologist: no technology is a problem! Whether you are looking for a Vanilla JS, Angular, ReactJS, [insert library/framework/tech here], I'm positive Joan will deliver it, with high quality, on time.

His knowledge and attitude make him one of the best developers I had the pleasure to work with, as he's not only committed to the quality of the code, but to the overall delivery of the project, which can make all the difference when delivering large-scale projects. Having Joan on the team is a joy, I wholeheartedly recommend Joan.

Joan is also a very good fußball player, although not as good as myself :)"

Core Value: Leadership Nominator: Hadleigh Smith (Account Director at SapientNitro) Date: 30-Sep-2015

"I brought Joan on board to work on Dove 2.0, having worked with him previously on BT. Joan was part of a front-end development team of seven people, and very early in the project, you could see that Joan was a front-runner and was willing to lead the team. In the end, we split the development and build work into two tracks, and asked Joan to lead one of them. From start to finish Joan was calm, led from the front end, was a problem solver, and helped deliver the project with minimal defects and on time. His qualities were also recognized by the wider team and he became a trusted and valuable member of the overall delivery."

Core Value: Creativity Nominator: Marisa Parsons (UX Manager at SapientNitro) Date: 30-Sep-2015

"I would like to nominate Joan for his work on the Dove project. Working with him on this project we had tight timelines and tricky pages to try and build but Joan always embraced these challenges with a smile on his face and a determination to find a solution to the design teams' requests. Not only is he a talented developer he also brings his creative flair to a build. Through his experimentation with what was possible with code, his attention to detail and his dedication to crafting elegant solutions he made an invaluable contribution to the animations and interactions of the new Dove site."

Core Value: Leadership Nominator: Daniel De Oliveira (Senior Interactive Developer at SapientNitro) Date: 29-Sep-2015

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joan on the recent Dove 2.0 project, during this time he has gone above and beyond what was asked of him. He remains calm and focused in stressful situations and is brilliant at managing other developers. The team looks to him for guidance and he has shown true leadership qualities. His knowledge of all things digital and the industry makes him a valuable asset to any team. Joan is an agile master!"

Core Value: Creativity Nominator: Yandis Ying (Creative Director at SapientNitro) Date: 29-Sep-2015

"Joan is a very creative and design-aware developer, his motion coding skills are unreal and had inspired the UX, Design and his FE team digital team and of course clients. As a person, he is so easy to work with for he's polite, well-mannered and focused on getting the job done. He had lots of great ideas which add value to the experiences. He created the ‘Curtains Up’ motion transition on the Dove 2.0 homepage which everyone on the team and the clients love. Joan's contagious enthusiasm contribution is making my time on Dove 2.0 a delight. I am sure everyone will agree that it was truly a pleasure working with him!"

Core Value: Creativity Nominator: Angie Yuanmalai (Design Manager at SapientNitro) Date: 17-Sep-2015

"For me, creativity is the ability to solve a problem but in a way that delights people in new and different perspectives. We tend to forget that creativity takes on many forms and in this case, Joan has rightfully reminded me so. Joan has been an absolute joy to work with. Where an animation or difficult task is presented, the usual response from developers would be a quizzical look and a shake of the head. Joan has been nothing but enthusiastic to tackle animations and other challenges full-on, constantly coming up with better, improved solutions to the code and researching and suggesting his ground-breaking ideas on animations and possible renditions to the creative work. On top of this, he has stepped in as a wonderful and reliable leader within the team and displayed commendable organizational and management skills. Finding a developer that can code exceptionally is very, very difficult, but finding one that also has wonderful people and leadership skills that greets problems with smiles is practically impossible - I'm so glad we've got Joan in the company. He has been an invaluable asset to the team and I couldn't stop singing his praises. If anyone deserves this award it would definitely be Joan."

Core Value: People Growth Nominator: Shaun Wallace (Senior Developer at SapientNitro) Date: 01-Dec-2014

"I have only been a part of the development team here in London for a few weeks but I have seen on multiple occasions Joan's committed efforts in building up and training others within our team. He has worked hard to share his level of knowledge with others more junior than himself while remaining teachable and working to grow his skills. He continues to provide important feedback about developmental processes and the work of others. I have seen his effort over the last few weeks, even while on the bench, enable others to learn and grow in their skills and he has brought people into his research efforts and helped to grow our team."

Core Value: Client focus delivery Nominator: Josep Manen (Artist and Sound Designer at TensionStudio) Date: 04-Oct-2015

"There is a special thing that I love from Joan, he is extremely amazing at caching the first idea from your project, including the difficult parts, changes or corrections. Your company will be blessed with an amazing programmer."

Core Value: Client focus delivery Nominator: Jose Luis Marron (Account Director at Narcea Multimedia) Date: 22-Feb-2009

"He is a great person to work with, always gets the work done and on time. I will hire him again for other projects."

Core Value: Creativity Nominator: Tuesday Gutierrez (Art blogger at Momardi.com) Date: 29-Sep-2008

"Joan is a multimedia guru. Always pushing the boundaries of his pixel-focused mind, Joan never runs out of creative ideas and the enthusiasm to get things done. He is full of passion for his craft."

Core Value: Client focus delivery Nominator: Carlos Ocaña (Graphic designer at Slater Labs) Date: 30-Sep-2008

"Joan is a serious and responsible person, in the event of any problem or doubt, he does not stop until the solution is obtained. He is a very talented person."

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