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TableCheck's new Diner App

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Demo App

The new Diner App is a renovated version of the app currently published at tablecheck.com. It's a restaurant search engine with multiple filtering and display options. It also includes a user account section where diners can manage their TableCheck reservations.

I built around 90% of the front end and 50% of the design. The API was already built years ago.

It is based on Wekohi but with many new upgrades compared with the previous version, some of them include:

  • A new homepage design with easier-to-update banners
  • Venue search is available from any page with a command palette
  • Map view (using MapBox) with real-time user GPS tracking
  • New search filtering UI with room to scale
  • Updated tech stack to the latest React, Typescript, and TableKit
  • Reduced codebase and JS bundle size
  • Simplified CI & Infrastructure. Moved from SSR to SPA + prerender.io (for SEO)
  • Full support for light and dark mode

Some other planned features include:

  • Ability to create and share custom lists, rankings, and selections of venues
  • CMS Integration for the homepage
  • Implement a venue review system based on aggregated reviews, or use something like Kuchikomi.com or partoo.com
  • Add more specific filters, like remote work, pet/child friendly, etc


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