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Proyecto 2025

Tags: web flash animation custom-cms ux design mysql php webmarket

Launch archived template without DB

Proyecto2025 contacted us (Webmarket) to build a website to feature their real state properties and allow customers to search for them. They also wanted a flexible system to edit, add or remove properties easily.

At this point, I didn't have a system or CMS with this sort of functionality. The open source options available at that time were also very insufficient for the requirements, so I decided to build my bespoke solution. I called it INMOFlash, because it was based on Flash, PHP and MySQL.

The combination of using Flash for the UI and MySQL and PHP for the backend was a winning solution in terms of creativity and UX. Years after, I realized that Flash was not the best option for SEO, therefore this solution didn't have a very long future, but at the time, it was quite impressive and flexible.

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¿Cambiar a Español?