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Wimbledon Concert Hall

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Around September 2022, Anthony Wilkinson (an award-winner British theatre and film director) contacted me to see if I was interested to build a website for the new Wimbledon Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry. The purpose of the website was to showcase the project's details to inform potential donors. He found my case study of the Royal Opera House and thought that I would be the perfect person to take on the project. I didn't hesitate to accept it.

The website was built using the minimalistic custom static site generator that I build a few months ago. Then the generated files were deployed automatically to Netlify. A simple static website without the need to have a CMS or any server-side logic.

The website is fully responsive and supports dark mode. It also has a custom full-screen image viewer, transcripts for all the videos (for SEO purposes) and a simple blog section.

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