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In 2006, I co-founded a small digital agency. After the first year, I continued as a solo venture and partnered with other agencies and freelancers at some points. We specialized in the design and development of multimedia applications and websites based on Adobe Flash (AS2), PHP, MySQL, MdM Zinc, WordPress and front-end technologies.

During the 6 years in business, I worked for brands like: Estrella Galicia, Santillana, Editex, Philippines government, Grupo Soledad, IBCmass, Cogersa, Narcea Multimedia, Digital Toy Shop, IES Miguel Hernández, etc.

It was a very rewarding and educational experience on a personal level, as I had to perform many tasks, not always related to programming and design. For example, preparing budgets, invoices, bookkeeping, filing VAT returns, payments to suppliers, finding collaborators, making presentations, project management, etc.

Some of the bespoke products that were created:

TiendaFlash: a Flash, AMFPHP & MySQL e-commerce CMS with unlimited products, VISA/Master Card and Paypal integration

InmoFlash: a Flash, AMFPHP & MySQL real-state CMS with unlimited properties

FinanFlash: a Flash, AMFPHP & MySQL finance CMS with dynamic PDF generator (FPDF)

I also provided web hosting with cPanel/WHMCS and digital marketing services to my clients (mainly SMEs) and collaborated with other freelance designers, developers and agencies in Spain.

The Webmarket website kept changing and evolving. First, it was 100% Flash, then Joomla and at the end, it was powered by WordPress. In the following screenshots, you can find what the website looked like in the latest versions:

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¿Cambiar a Español?